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EZSrve will not delete a device definition if that device is referenced in an Action, Area or Scene. All references to the “Test” device must be deleted before the device itself can be deleted.

You can download the Devices.xml file and manually delete the “Test” device entry, upload the Devices.xml file and do a Restart (not reset). The problem with that is if the device still appears in Scenes, Areas or Actions you have effectively corrupted those definitions by manually removing the “Test” device definition.

I’ll add an ApplianceLinc to my EZSrve devices to see if I can recreate a device definition without the cluster information. That should be impossible. Were there any error messages, warnings, odd behavior when you added the “Test” device?

You cannot use V1 xml files (or any part of those files) on V2. They are not upward compatible. Just too many differences between V1 and V2 xml files.