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The Action triggered at 10:45:00 but did not issue any command to the Effect device. Ignore the Error Sending trace entry. Does not mean what everyone thinks it does. There is a problem with the DevClusters.xml file or the Devices.xml file. How did you install 02.06, with the 1.1 Discovery tool or by directly uploading the image? I’m thinking the DevClusters file is not at the latest level or was not at the latest level when the Test device was added to EZSrve. The Form Cluster trace entry is showing all zeros when it should look something like this with the Insteon command activity that follows. I pulled this from my telnet trace of an Action that is turning Off an ICON Switch.

12/14/2009 21.58.20: Form clustr: CB-0: [F] CB-I: [4] CB-II: [56] CB-III: [50] C
B-IV: [11] CB-V: [0] CB-VI: [0] CB-VII: [0] CB-VIII: [0] CB-IX: [0]
12/14/2009 21.58.20: In actor requst process: actor queue ActorArray0 f,ActorArr
ay4 11,ActorArray5 0
12/14/2009 21.58.20: In plm msg handler: msg type Ins std id 04.56.50,0×11 cmd1,
0x00 cmd2
12/14/2009 21.58.20: Done: MSG Code 62, ID 04.56.50 Cmd1 11, Cmd2 0 Ack 6
12/14/2009 21.58.20: Done: PTH_StdMsg 50, ID 04.56.50 Flag 2B, Cmd1 11, Cmd2 0

I think you need to upload the DevClusters.xml file and then delete and readd the Test device.

You can send me the DevClusters.xml file and the Devices.xml file and I will verify that or upload the DevClusters.xml file, Restart (not Reset) and readd “Test” device.