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Action definition looks fine. The next step is to trace the Action activity. This will show if the Action is actually triggered when expected and what it did if/when it triggered. Version 2 has a telnet based trace that is very good at showing Action processing.

Open a command window and enter the following commands…

set logfile c:temptelnet.txt
open 10001


The set logfile command defines the path/file where the telnet trace messages will be written. The example is what I use on my system. Use a path that reflects your system. The open command specifies the IP address of your EZServe. Don’t forget the port number 10001. After the open command, EZServe will prompt for the normal login information. The name EZServe followed by the password. I use the default Simplehomenet password, specify whatever you have defined for the password.

Set the Absolute= time to something in the future and see what happens. Either post the telnet trace or send it to lwgwork@embarqmail.com. If you restart EZSrve the telnet connection has to be reestablished after the restart.