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I recently upgraded from 1.5 (1.56? 1.59? I forget exactly which one) to 2.06, and I also find the new actions/conditions/effect/attribute stuff much harder to figure out than the relatively straightforward timer mechanism in the older version.

I’ve read the Operating Guide (2.0), but it seems woefully inadequate when it tries to explain the Conditions screen at step 4 on page 9. And the paragraph near the bottom of that page isn’t much better.

I’ve studied some of the examples, but I am unable to get any time-based event to simply turn on an ApplianceLinc.

I have an ApplianceLinc called “Test”. Through the “Device View/Control” interface I’m able to turn it on and off by hand.

I have an action called “Test On”, with only “Condition 1” specified (Logic OR, Device=Select Device, Attribute=Select Attribute, Attribute Value=0, At Time: Absolute =, Start Time: 22:21:00, and days Sun through Sat checked), Effect 1 has Device=Test, Attribute=Status, Value=FF (have also tried 1), and delay 00:00:00. The checkbox for Condition 1 is checked, the other conditions are unchecked, and “Action is Enabled” is checked.

I’ve set the Start Time to a few minutes ahead, saved everything, and waited, but the device never comes on.

Do I have something missing? Is the Value=FF appropriate for telling an ApplianceLinc to turn on? I’d guess that I’d use 0 to turn it off (but that’s just a guess – I don’t see the ApplianceLinc in Appendix B).