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It doesn’t work. First I set the correct time manually (almost; I set it 10 minutes fast so I would be able to see if it ever updated the time), and then I enabled the NTP option. It never corrected the time; 24 hours later when I looked it it, the time was still 10 minutes fast. When I restarted it, the date/time was reset to noon (12:00) on 1/1/2007. Pressing the “set timezone” button doesn’t seem to have any effect. Also, the “Daylight Savings Time” checkbox (as well as the time and date fields) is insensitive when the NTP option is selected; how does the device know whether I’m in a state/region that doesn’t observe DST or a one that does?

How do I get NTP to work? Do I need to have a NTP server running on my local network, or will the EZSrve connect to a time server through my router? The documentation says it can connect to a time server on the internet if it has internet connectivity, but that doesn’t seem to be working.