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After two days with thing, unfortunately, I threw in the towel. Once this thread showed me how to getX-10 modules on, I couldn’t get conditions working.

Turn on DeviceD if A and C are off, but B is on:

IF (OR DeviceA Status 3) AND (DeviceB Status 2) AND (DeviceC Status 3) AND (DeviceD Status 3) Then
Effect 1 = DeviceD Status 2

If I disabled condition 1 and 3, and just let condition 2 and 4 remain enabled, DeviceD would turn on. If condition 1 and 3 were enabled in the condition, nothing. I was even using the Monterey X10 Powerline Signal Analyzer to watch what the EZSrve was sending, so I know there were no other variables with any local network conditions in my house.

I mean this is basic stuff and the first level of qualification I tried before implement my more sophisticated stuff.

This product (concept) is so sweet, I really regret having to had returned it. I mean it does everything I wanted and I really wanted it to work. My major concerns:

    Having to go through (either) user interface to code the thing; why can’t I have an expert mode to just enter IF’s like I’ve shown above. Too much dialog box clicking the way it is. I have a serious program to write (two house codes full of devices) and this user interface is an inhibitor. If I was a contractor, implementing these for customers: This inefficiency would kill me.
    No monitor mode or log files. When the conditions weren’t working, there is no way to trace or troubleshoot the thing. You have to guess at what may be wrong, and just assume it’s a logic problem of yours, and assume the thing is still running.

    Flat-out lock ups that required me to pull the module from the wall.
    Needs more ‘cooked’ X10 functions. I want to DIM to 50%. I never got that far, but don’t believe that’s even possible without a lot of DIM commands. I shouldn’t have to code that for every DIM function. There should be native user-level capabilities that do whatever X10-protocol is required to execute a DIM (or other) functions.

I can’t believe it, but that ActiveHome Pro deal for $50 is the only solution I’m finding at this time (with an even more horrific user interface, but at least you have built in X10 monitoring of the line).

I’ll stop back in a year or so to see how development on this is going; I’d still love to see this product work.