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The Harmony (Flash) client is at a Beta level so there may be some instability. If the Harmony client says the Server is not responding it means that the IP address entered in the URL field of the login screen did not respond. You can try to power cycle the EZSrve (unplug, wait 30 seconds, plug) which will cause the EZSrve to reboot and normally restores operation. You can also try the HTML interface Server Administration Icon. There is a Restart (not Reset) button on that screen which will direct EZSrve to reboot.

Use the “Status” attribute in both the Condition definitions and the Effects definitions. The Value is 2 to turn On an X10 device and 3 to turn Off an X10 device. The Action Effect issues both X10 message segments, House/Unit followed by House/Command. There is no mechanism to issue only the House/Unit message without the House/Command message (as you can with something like a Maxi hardware controller).

To have an Action issue multiple X10 commands, code multiple Effects.

Effect 1 – Device A Status 2
Effect 2 – Device B Status 2
Effect 3 – Device C Status 2

issues an On command to Device A followed by an On command to Device B followed by an On command to Device C.