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Still doesn’t suggest what the water meter interface is for. Is intended for reading the register with one’s automation software to track water usage?

And I guess the purpose of the rain sensor connection, in addition to the automatic suppression feature (rather than just wiring it in series with the 24VAC), is so that the automation software can read the status register and determine whether the rain sensor is tripped or not, for display or more intelligent management?

Also, I have a device that doesn’t totally jibe with what you said about versions and hardware. It has the RJ45, but seems to have older firmware.

Front: EZRain V2 #5010A
Back: 3 separate stickers (besides the address sticker):
PLM FW 85 / 0926 Rev 2.1, V1.1 / 0886, 2662PL / 0715

So what is it? And why, in the SHN Utility, EZFlora tab, under the Insteon ID, does it say: “Connected v24 MSB:00”? What is that “v24”? Is there anything useful on that RJ45?