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The Rain Sensor and Water Meter connections are made through the RJ45 jack which does not exist on earlier EZFlora devices. The first EZFlora with the RJ45 jack had Firmware v26. Latest EZFlora firmware is v28.

The Rain Sensor stops the EZFlora from turning on Zones just as it happens with say a RainBird controller.

The Water Meter connection bumps the Water Meter Counter for each pulse of the water meter. The commands to enable/disable the Rain Sensor and access the Water Meter counter are covered in the EZFlora commands document available in the Downloads section.

The Simplehomenet Utility Suite EZFlora tab has buttons for enabling/disabling the Rain Sensor. The SHN Utility displays the Water Meter Counter with buttons to manage the Meter content.

Please post again if this does not cover your questions.