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I did find the 02.03.xx images much better than the earlier 02.xx images. There was one or more file related issues in the earlier images that showed up in Actions and maybe Devices that the 02.03 image resolved. There were a few more 02.03.xx images generated that were not generally available. One of those 02.03.xx images dropped the specific days from the Days= XML tag when Holiday was selected but the HTML GUI interface was not changed to reject that combination, even though the specific days were no longer stored in the XML. The 02.04 image added the logic on the HTML side to display an error message if specific days and Holiday were selected. That made the HTML GUI reaction consistent with the Flex client and with what was being stored in the Days= tag. With the much better function available with the Adobe Flash, If you check the Holiday box under the Flex client, the specific days are cleared or maybe grayed, something that visually indicates they are not active when Holiday is checked.