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The handling of Days= with specific days of the week and Holiday was changed at 2.04. They should have been mutually exclusive options, were/are mutually exclusive in the Flex client, but were accepted by the HTML, even though only the Holiday option was stored in the XML. The HTML stored the specific days of the week in the flash memory Action definition even though that information was not stored in the XML. That resulted in the Action triggering on non-holiday days because of the specific days bits being on. Once the EZSrve was Restarted, the Action would now trigger only on holidays because the flash memory Action definition was built from the XML on the Restart.

The individual Conditionx Device/At Time were explained to me as being ORed. I tried a definition where Condition1 is a Device X10 A03 ON, ANDed with Condition2 which has an At Time: Window 15:00:00 with a 15 minute Offset value. I thought I had tested this at 2.03 and found it working. It is not triggering on 2.04.

EDIT: I decided I would test 02.03 to confirm that Action worked at that level. Found I could not display the Server Administration screen to get to the image upload function. Unplugged/plugged EZSrve which did allow me to get to Sever Administration screen again. Tested the Action on 02.04 after the power cycle and the Action did trigger with the At Time: Window option ANDed as Condition2.