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The only thing I can think of is to be sure you actually start from clean files before you go to different firmware. I’ve found that the “reset” functionality in the HTML interface and the Discovery tool doesn’t work 100% of the time, particularly if the firmware isn’t working correctly. I’ve recently had situations while troubleshooting 2.04 where the reset button reset the devices file but didn’t reset the actions file (the EZSrve reboots itself if during load of the actions file it finds a reference to a device that isn’t in the devices file). I’ve gotten into the habit of actually looking at the files to be sure they are defaults.

The other thing I remember is that early versions of 2.XX didn’t automatically update the devclusters.xml file. I suspect that the devclusters file with the 2.0 beta are out of date. So if you could get back to a 1.XX firmware going from there to 2.03 or 2.04 might avoid any leftovers from the beta.

I do have a copy of 1.60 that I’d be happy to send you if you provide an address.

Good luck.