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Stuart, I can confirm that the Actions and Devices files being out of sync does in fact result in a trap/abend. I got there a different way but the result was the same.

I don’t think EZSrve has logic to automatically update any of the other files (Areas, Scenes, Actions) when you change a Device name. I might be wrong about that but for sure the Actions and Areas xml files are not updated. The display of individual Actions and Areas is updated only because the Device entry those displays are pointing to has changed. If you display the Areas and Actions xml files after changing the Device name, the device name in both of those files is the old name. Not sure they will automatically change the device names everywhere but for sure the abend/trap must be fixed. To easy a trap for the end user to fall into and such a bad result.

If you display the affected Areas and Actions, doing a Save on each one does update the xml file but that has to be done before a Restart is done.

Write it up and pass it on to our friend on the West coast.