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Stuart, the Flex client does use Adobe Flash. Great idea to know the Flash level. On my IE8 the Flash level is On my FIreFox 3.0.8 which also controls the X10 device correctly, the Flash level is I was originally thinking the problem was going to be in EZSrve image or flash memory, related to whatever corrupted the password. When the SendX10 XML command worked through the Utility my thinking changed to something back in the browser which as you so correctly pointed out, there is a dependency on the Adobe Flash level as well. The IE6 is so far back that it would not surprise me for that not to work but FireFox 3.5 seems very current. The DevClusters file not being there could also cause this but I don’t see how that could be missing at 02.03.

Steve, do a right click on the background of the Flex client screen and it should have an option to display the level of the Adobe Flash.