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The login process through the Flex client is boiler plate. The password in EZSrve could be anything, including something other than the default, and the Flex client would access EZSrve anyway.

I just tested the Flex client, clicking an X10 device ON and OFF and the appropriate X10 messages are being generated. I have an X10 signal analyzer which displays the X10 messages. In addition I have two Actions which are being triggered by the X10 ON. This certainly does not mean you don’t have a problem. Only that the basic X10 function through the Flex client is working this afternoon.

I am concerned that the Beta Flex client may have done something that has lead to your results. After you uploaded 02.03 you were able to login to the HTML interface and add your X10 devices. Then you ran the Flex client and after that you have not been able to login to the HTML interface. Is that an accurate description of the sequence of events? When you enter the IP address of EZSrve into the browser to go to the HTML do you get the login popup requesting the name/password of EZSrve. If so are any messages issued that name or password is invalid.

EDIT: what happens to the LEDs when you attempt to login to the HTMl?