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@grif091 wrote:

Did you load the 02.03 image after Sunday night.
Can you post one of the Actions that does not trigger from an X10 command, either a screen capture of the Condition and Actions screens or the information you have entered into each field.

I’m sorry, I may not have been clear on that part. It is not the Actions that are causing the problem. No X10 transmissions are occurring at all. If I go to the main page and click ON for any X10 device nothing happens. In 1.6, a second after pushing the button the X10 “CLICK!!!!” would be heard and the light would go on. Now, nothing ūüė•

In terms of unplugging and starting it up again, I unplugged it and the light sequence was exactly what you said. Amber for a few seconds, then green flash, then Amber solid until I hit it with a web browser. However, I am still unable to log into it via the HTML interface (to set the timezone). I can log into the Flash interface but not the HTML one.

Any ideas? Thanks,