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Did you load the 02.03 image after Sunday night.

Can you post one of the Actions that does not trigger from an X10 command, either a screen capture of the Condition and Actions screens or the information you have entered into each field.

Try unplugging the EZSrve for 30 seconds. Watch the yellow and green LEDs at the Ethernet jack and let me know what they do. There is an expected pattern where both will be On after a few seconds of applying power, then the yellow will go out for a few seconds and when the yellow LED comes on again the green LED will flash several times as the router information is obtained and perhaps the date/time information.

If you installed 02.03 after Sunday night, the default values for time settings are Manual and Local. It is necessary to set the appropriate time zone and probably the NTP option through the HTML interface. I don’t think the Beta Flex client has implemented the time configuration yet.