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Well…I guess it’s not just me. Your problems are the same as mine with one exception, the “hard reset/ power cycle” does nothing for me. The unit continues to reset constantly and is mostly invisible on my network. The Discovery tool does not pick it up as I suspect that the unit never properly reboots prior to repeating the boot process.

There is a problem in the FW/ upgrade process which in some cases corrupts the install.

I think that FW by SHN releases are not fully tested in real situations…it is obvious from the forum coments that my situation is not unique which shows that there is a flaw somewhere in the system. I would reccommend waiting for the bugs to be fixed prior to doing any upgrades with SHN FW/ software. Unfortunately, curiosity got the best of me and now I am paying for it.

I have recieved the ICY-99i pro yesterday, installed it and the unit is operating without issues. Very stable and FAST. No more waiting and wondering when the next freeze-up will occur and if I will have to spend additional week to get back to a funcional system. And by the way, the documention on the ICY-99i pro is great…a real benefit over the EZServe.

Unfortunately, its time (and money) lost for me at this point with the EZServe.