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Hi Murray,

I’m not sure how to take “it’s similar to the HTML interface”…but I’ll try not to take it as an insult ūüėČ

To set up holidays, you’ll double click the time at the bottom of the screen, click the holidays tab in the screen that pops up, choose the holiday by typing it in or clicking on the little calendar and selecting the holiday, click add holiday, and then save when you’re done.

To trigger actions on your holidays, simply select the “HOL” checkbox when creating an action.

I’m going to write the wiki entry for how to set up an action now and it’ll be found when you click the question mark icon in the bottom left of the screen. The question mark links to the help section of the menu that you are in…so when you need help on actions, first go to the actions menu and then click the question mark.

Look for that in the next couple of hours.

For your particular scenario…you’ll set it up just like you mentioned in the “p.s.” – Choose window, set time you want the window to start, and choose offset of 3 hours…of course, make sure it’s hours (the far left box)…then check box holidays, select to enable condition and select to enable action, then click the save action button.

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