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I don’t believe such reference exists at the present time. In Version 1 there were Timers which are obviously “time” based activities. Macros were device “event” based activities that could optionally be gated with a time component. Version 2 has merged Timers and Macros into a single component called Actions but the concept of a “time” based activity and a device “event” based activity still exists. Some of the options make sense for a “time” based activity such as Sunset(+/-) , Sunrise(+/-) and Absolute. Other options, such as SunsetToSunrise, SunriseToSunset and Window make sense as options to time gate a device “event”.

If you have a question(s) about how to do something specific I’ll be happy to try and work up an example. With multiple Conditions which can be Anded and Ored together along with multiple Effects on a single Action, Version 2 Actions offers capability well beyond Version 1 Timers and Macros.