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If you are getting the following message…..

Uploading invalid/corrupted (*.xml) file will render the system unusable. Are you sure …….

that is the normal warning message that if you upload garbage the system may no longer work. It is displayed every time you do an upload.

Nothing wrong with copy/paste, just a little more exposure to making a mistake than downloading the file as a complete entity.

Using FireFox for uploads has been a problem in the past getting the upload to work at all. Don’t know about running it in IE compatibility mode. When you click on UPLOAD FILE a message just below the RESET button will say upload is in progress. If the upload completes successfully a message is displayed just under the Server Configuration title saying the upload was successful. At that point you have to RESTART (not RESET) for the newly uploaded file to become active.

EDIT: your latest post came in while I was generating this post. Glad you were able to eliminate the unwanted Action. I will test that action definition on the next image level when it comes out.