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Thanks for the information on using HTLM. I defined an Action with HTML using the information I saw from your post for rec=7 and I do get a problem although it does display here, some of the information is wrong. I’ve defined hundreds of Actions but none with the Odd option until now. Not sure if that is related to the symptom. An upload of that small an xml file should take only a few seconds, 10-15 would be normal for that size file. If running IE8 try running in Compatibility View mode. I run IE 8 all the time, in Compatibility View mode. Another possibility is to keep the path to the directory containing the upload file simple and short. I use c:tempyyy.xml for all my uploads and downloads for that matter. Is it only the upload that is running slow or other things as well. We have a couple of users experiencing slow Restarts which SHN has determined to be a file system problem in the EZSrve and a new image is being tested which should be available soon, maybe next week. I plan to test your Action against that image as soon as I get it.