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The 1.81 version of the Utility using the Control tab will execute the xml I posted and should show the responses if any. It will not communicate using the other device specific tabs. I have modified a version of 1.81 that does support V2 for the device specific tabs and Link Management. Send me a PM with an email address and I will send you the modified Utility .exe file (window title displays 1.81 V2). I did not understand all that you posted. You connect the Utility to the EZSrve, not the EZFlora. You should be able to Connect to EZSrve running a V2 image. The lower left corner message will not display the image version as that response changed in V2 but the lower right message will show connected. From there you should be able to go to the Control tab and issue the xml in my post. The screen capture of 1.81 is connected to my EZSrve running 02.01, with the xml using my EZIO8SA to receive the Cmd1=”42″ because I do not have a EZFlora. One on order but that will not be here until next week.

EDIT: the Insteon Traffic tab of the Utility is not a generalized Insteon traffic trace. I would not expect it to show the Insteon messages issued by EZSrve.