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Great – thanks for the clarification – I will check to see if it indeed does turns on….

…no it doesn’t.

Here’s what is configured.[attachment=2:2kxevw9v]EZSERVE201_EZFlora4.jpg[/attachment:2kxevw9v][attachment=1:2kxevw9v]EZSERVE201_EZFlora5.jpg[/attachment:2kxevw9v]

Tried both “80” and “20” ie turn on valve 1 and program 1

Ah – should be “status” not “config”, nope same problem – doesn’t turn on when I use “status” (see screen shot and, yes I did change the action time)[attachment=0:2kxevw9v]EZSERVE201_EZFlora6.jpg[/attachment:2kxevw9v]