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Thanks for the reply and ideas…

Lee, after such a frustrating evening last night, I gave up trying anything beyond the basics.

The IP that was displayed was the correct IP (most of the time). On occasion, there appeared to be an unreccognizable IP (267…???) don’t remember now, but all values were different than normal.

This morning I TFTP’d 1.60 image to the ezserve and uploaded my old (1.60 version) .xml files. Wow…works great. Timers, interface, macros, X10 all work flawlessly as prior to 2.01 experimentation. The image loads fast, devices are present immediately. Looks like i’m beck to a stable operation.


I believe that you and I had the same set of issues/experiences with our 2.01 upgrade. The discovery tool was able to see the EZServe (although not consistantly). Normally, when the EZServe is running OK, the discovery tool displays the FW version. When the problems began, only the MAC and the IP adress were displayed. I was able to click on the IP to open the browser at which point the browser either timed out waiting for EZServe to prompt a log in, or sporadically asked for a password, but did not respond to ANY password attempt (both my own or the default one). I tried the paperclip trick, tried to power cycle, tried to reset through the discovery tool…no success. I then tried to reload FW through the discovery upgrade, it took the default password and looked like it ran through the process correctly, messaged that the upgrade was done successfully, but no change in functionality was noted. Not able to log in, no FW displayed in the Discovery process, and sporadic password prompt through Discovery tool or direct IP input into browser.

At this point, I decided to try to Downgrade to 1.60 through the dicovery tool, after upload, result: upgrade FAILED. Tried to log in, nothing. Retry…1.60 upgrade success, but no log in ability after reset, power cycle, paperclip reset.

Looks like TFTP was the only way to get back to functionality with 1.60, I’m a bit gunshy to attempt to reload 2.01 until there is a fix to these issues.