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Wow…the SAME EXACT issue that I have on the Reboot. Slow reboot with Devices loaded first (15-20minutes), nothing in the actions, or areas untill that step completes, thent the actions, followed by areas. Total time to loadt approx 25-30 minutes. As I have only a few actions, the longest process is the device addition.

The other weird symptom is when I log in after a reboot, it appears as if the EZServe is at a factory default configuration. The password is the default, the location settings are not mine but the default, the time zone is default, etc…at some point, the EZServe asks me for the password again at which point it reverts to my personal, saved password.

When you went back to the 1.60, did you experience the same problems or did the boot-up revert to normal? I’m thinking of this as a fix until there is more clear understanding of this problem as I expect that we are not the only ones. I have gone through the process a few times now with similar results, so another evening programming may not be the most productive thing if the results do not change.

I look forward to your feedback on the issues at hand. Perhaps a defective EZServe on my side as well? Not sure what to think at this point.