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Let me toss in my experience to see if it helps any…

I have similar slow reboot symptoms. My current 2.01 setup has about 20 Insteon devices, ~20 X10 devices (mostly motion sensors and virtual devices that I’m using as triggers), ~15 scenes and 20 actions. If I log in a few minutes after reboot I see no areas defined. If I navigate to the devices page, I start seeing the list of devices. Refreshing the page shows devices being added slowly to the device dropdown. There are no actions, and no scenes (pulling up the scene page before the devices are fully loaded gives an error message about not being able to communicate with the PLM). Once the device list is fully populated (takes 10-15 minutes), then the scenes get loaded, then the areas get populated. Actions get populated last. The total process took about 30 minutes. I found that if I try to access an area before the load completes, the EZSrve hangs and if I remember correctly required reset and reload of the xml files.

I initially thought that my problems were related to an out of sync devclusters file. So I started from scratch after 2.01 and Discovery 1.1. became available. Initially, with a few devices and no scenes areas or actions, the EZServe rebooted pretty quickly. I tried to save xml files at intermediate steps during the process. Once I got everything loaded, there was a dramatic slowdown. I went back through and synced each device with the EZServe and used the SHN utility to verify that the links in each device matched what is in the EZSrve (some of the devices had accumulated a lot of duplicate links). That didn’t seem to make a difference in the speed of the reset process. I’ve been working with SimpleHomeNet and sent them my xml files over the weekend thinking that I might have a defective device (I’ve also had intermittent problems with X10 macros not firing with the 1.60 FW ). I’ll post again if I learn anything.