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When I do a Restart I wait a minute or two before logging in. From login enter to initial Device View/Control screen is a matter of seconds which is displaying an Area with three devices in the Area. At present I have 8 devices defined, 10 Actions, and a few Scenes. My configuration very much depends on what I am testing at the time. The house has more than 50 Insteon devices so I can create most any environment within the limits of the devices I have installed. The only thing that may takes minutes to happen is when a device is involved. Adding/deleting a device, creating a Scene, adding/deleting links, that type of thing where Insteon messages are involved and the link database of one or more devices are being accessed with 1 byte at a time read/write access. Those types of things can be very slow. I have one configuration that has more than 100 links in a device. Takes a long time to go through that link database. Because the PLC SDM3 window is showing most of the Insteon traffic, I have a positive indication that EZSrve is not just sitting there spinning its wheels.

If you want you can send me your devices.xml file and actions.xml file which I will load on my system and see what results I get with your files. If they are damaged I would expect to see something similar to what you are seeing on my system. If the file system itself on your system has a problem I would not see that here. A Reset should resolve that. You can email the files to lwgwork@embarqmail.com it you want to try that route.