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Did you do the entire EZSrve Reset process again before adding the reset devices? If not, just adding reset devices again would not fix a corrupted xml file. Some of the 1.x images wrote place holder link records during some of the processing. Adding a device with these place holder records can take a very long time because all these place holders have to be read one byte at a time to find the true End Of File link record. I suspect that what you thought was a hang up was EZSrve reading these place holder records. It is only a theory but it does take a very long time to read through those place holders. I have a PLC and run SDM3 with the window open so I can watch the actual Insteon traffic as it flows. Does not speed up the process but I know that EZSrve is still working. Doing a restart during that process could have corrupted the devices xml file. The only way I know to fix it is to Reset EZSrve to erase the xml files and start over.

I would expect the X10 trigger Action to work once the EZSrve is functioning without all these delays in processing. There is a screen capture of an Action and Condition definition using X10 B16 On (2) as a trigger to turn on an Insteon switch that is a working example on my EZSrve. Look toward the middle of page 1 of the following topic for the screen captures. They show both the X10 Condition and the Action Effect.


EDIT: I would run IE8 in Compatibility View mode when running the EZSrve HTML interface.