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The X10 Actions work on 2.00 and 2.01. Stuart in his previous post described how to define a Condition that triggers from an X10 On or Off. I had tested X10 triggering on 2.00 and just ran a test on 2.01 and can confirm X10 triggers are working. There is one known issue where multiple Actions being triggered from the same X10 event will fire only one Action.

As for the long response times for various screens, that is normally the result of one of the EZSrve threads running in a loop slowing the entire process down. A 30 minute start up is not normal. I have some concern that one of the xml files has gotten corrupted with all the reboots that have gone on. What browser are you using and what level? Did you Reset the devices before adding them to 2.01? If you did not reset the devices it can take a long time to add a given device. Restarting EZSrve in the middle of that process could have damaged the devices xml file.