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One more issue experienced after the upgrade: X10 monitoring in order to trigger an action does not seem to work with the 2.01. Worked well with the 1.60. I read some other posts where the same problem was encountered, but did not se a resolution. Any help here would be great as well. (looking at an X10 photosensor to trigger an action which would turn on a group of insteon controlled lights)

Thanks again,

I have a similar setup with about 20 Insteon devices, more X10 sensors and a bit more complicated Macros / Actions (I’m using X10 IR543 receivers and a harmony remotes to control scenes in my Home Theater and Great Room). When I was on 2.01, I had a very long load time (approximately 30 minutes). I have gone back to 1.60 pending feedback from SimpleHomeNet.

With regard to the X10, IIRC there are two choices in the condition window for the attribute for an X10 device (status or X10 control). I found that I needed to choose status, and enter 3 for “off” and 2 for “on” in the attribute value to make it work correctly. I was able to get X10 triggering to work with 2.01 using that approach. I believe that the 2.0 Operation Thread shows this in detail.

I also found that using the SimpleHomeNet utility was very helpful for troubleshooting X10 triggering. I don’t have it in front of me at work, but there is a way in the the control tab to see X10 messages come across the interface.

Good luck.