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@grif091 wrote:

Great news that 2.1 is running. Will one of you please document what you are doing to “hard reset” EZSrve. I think it would be useful information for others who follow.

EDIT: also where in the sequence of steps was the Hard Reset done. Thanks

Glad my experience proved useful for someone else. What I meant by “hard reset” is the step described in the TFTP instrucions without the power cycle: “using a blunt, narrow tip (a thick paper clip will do), depress the recessed reset button on the EZSrve”

So the sequence of events (for me) was:
1) EZServe became non-responsive at 2.01, attempts to recover via TFTP to 1.60 then upgrade to 2.01 fail, noted that FLASH0/data contains both sets of xml files.
2) TFTP recovery using 1.60 image.bin, network functionality recovered (i.e. amber LED on / green LED intermittenly flashes, web interface works)
3) Hard reset as described above (I’ve tended to leave the reset button depressed until the amber LED goes out, but that doesn’t always happen). NOTE: reset via the web interface doesn’t clear the 2.01 xml files.
4) Using the web interface, verify that only the default 1.60 xml files are present (I’ve found that if I’ve loaded xml files with data and don’t do a reset, upgrade to 2.01 consistently bricks the EZSrve)
5) Upgrade to 2.01 using Discovery tool v1.1

Hope that helps.