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The fact that you cannot get back to 1.60 using TFTP makes me think there is something else that we do not understand as yet. You have turned off all the firewalls, you are using SolarWinds TFTP and the log window says the upload of the image started and was complete successfully. I could not connect to my EZBridge after doing the process but my router had assigned .125 as the DHCP assigned IP address rather than the one it had always been assigning to the EZBridge. Yet to understand why that is but I have a running 2.0 (now 2.1) using .125.

I can confirm that the 1.1 version of the Discovery tool does find 1.60, 2.0 and 2.1 successfully so I’m thinking something is not right with the upload process or the DHCP IP assignment process or you would be able to go back to 1.60. Try going through the process again, being sure all firewalls are off, you are using SolarWinds TFTP and that the upload start and complete messages are displayed in the SolarWinds window. Also that the router is handing out IP addresses to devices in DHCP mode.