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….And we have yet another brick.

I followed the same procedures as vaughanp and produced the same “Easy-brick” result but with two differences.
1. In each attempt to recover using TFTP, after ~15 seconds, my yellow and green leds behaved normally. i.e. They were not solid ON. (I still could not communicate with the EZServe web page)
2. In my first attempt to TFTP back to Ver. 1.6, I was successful but now, the TFTP download appears to complete normally but I can’t get to the web page and the java tool cannot find the EZserve. Again, my green and yellow leds are behaving normally after the image load.

The unit worked prior to my upgrade attempts and I downloaded the image and java tools from the SHN site this morning so I think these are the correct versions.
My unit was purchased ~ Jan 2008. There is no version indication on the case of the unit.

Is there anything else I can do to try and recover this unit?