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The request for an all days box was posted just the other day by somebody. Try rebooting the PC and only start the SHN Utility. The 1.81 version will do just fine for this test. Click on Connect and go to the EZSrve/EZBridge Control tab. It should show the version of the current image as that command is the same for V1 and V2 images. Then press the KPL button. The Data Received window displays any xml received without parsing so it will display V2 xml even though 1.81 is V1 only in general. The lower left corner of the SHN display will say Not Connected because the response to the getversion is different in V2 so the left message will not be updated to show the image level connected but the message in the lower right corner should say Connected to EZBridge when the Connect button is pressed. I just ran this test with the base 1.81 version of the Utility so it should produce the stated results.