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Me too. The utility probably will not show it in the Insteon Traffic tab as explained below. I think only the last connection to port 8002 will show the xml as explained below. None of that explains why the Action would not be triggered.

The display of the link record in the KPL as displayed by the SHN Utility

Link Record 1 – Controller of Device: 5.EA.28 Group: 3 Data: FF.FF.FF

The display of the link record in the EZSrve as displayed by the SHN Utility

Link Record 4 – Responder to Device: C.8C.3B Group 3 Data 0.0.0

The link between the KPL button C and the EZSrve was done by defining a Scene through EZSrve with KPL Unit 03 as the controller and EZSrve as the responder.

If you are using the SHN Utility Insteon Traffic tab to view powerline traffic, don’t. That tab is designed to show Insteon messages issued by the Utility and the specific response to those messages. It is not a generalized Insteon powerline trace. You can use the Control tab to view xml coming from the EZSrve but I think it has to be the only program connected to port 8002. If I bring up two copies of the SHN Utility only the last invocation shows the xml messages.

I changed the LD1/2/3 values in the EZSrve link record from 0.0.0 to FF 1F 00 to match your values and it still works.

The other things being used to determine KPL message flow can be explained away but the fact that the Action does not trigger is a problem. Can you display or offload the Actions file and post the xml section associated with the KPL trigger? Maybe that Action did not get defined correctly for some reason.