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No worky here. No traffic visible in utility suite or my program. I tried setting up an action, and that doesn’t work, either.

I’m stumped. The link looks correct in the KPL. Since EZSrve wrote the link, I can only assume that it also configured the PLM correctly. I know that EZSrve can communicate with the device, because I can use my own xml program to monitor and control the LEDs.

The only thing I can think of is that the link’s ld1/2/3 values are different from yours.

Here’s the KPL link as reported by HL2. (05.E8.EE is the EZSrve).

05.E8.EE 0x03 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF

Here’s the KPL link as displayed by EZSrve:

Controller of EZServer on Unit 03 – Data:00-00-00.

Here’s the corresponding link in the EZSrve PLM:

Responder to kitchen keypad on Unit 03 – Data:FF-1F-00

Here’s the scene definition:

Controller: kitchen keypad 03
Responder: EZServer 100% 0.1 second 00

FWIW, the group 3 link in the KPL to HL2 is:

0D.D9.54 0x03 0xFF 0x1F 0x03