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Well, I think I have it configured correctly now, but I still see no xml output by the EZSrve when I press a KPL button.

I set up an EZSrve scene with a KPL as the controller, using group 3, which should correspond to button C. The EZSrve is the sole responder. Examining the links in the KPL (using houselinc), I see what appears to be the correct link, with he EZSrve as the target ID and the group equal to 0x03.

I have a simply monitoring program that connects to the EZSrve xml interface and continuously reads the EZSrve port and writes whatever it finds. This is the same program I am using to monitor and control devices, so I’m pretty sure it’s working correctly.

But, when I press the KPL button, I get no xml from the EZSrve.

I also monitored the Insteon traffic using houselinc, and see that the KPL is sending a message with the destination equal to 00.00.03 when I press the button. So, it looks like the KPL is sending the correct message.

Any idea why the EZSrve is not outputting any xml?