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When the KPL is the controller you need to use the Group numbers (unit numbers) the KPL hardware uses. A KPL in 8 button mode uses Group numbers 1-8 for buttons Main (A)-H. Create a Scene with the KPL as the controller specifying the Group number of the button you want to monitor as the Unit number with EZSrve as the responder. When you press button C, for example, the KPL hardware searches through its link database looking for a “controller of” link record that specifies Group 3. If found it sends a Group command sequence to the device address in the link record. Since no “controller of” link records exist for any of the Group numbers the KPL uses, which also point to the EZSrve as the responder, no Group messages are sent from the KPL to EZSrve. The “controller of” link record specifying Group (Unit) 20 does not match any of the Group numbers associated with the KPL buttons.

When you created Scenes in the other direction (EZsrve as controller, KPL as responder) the Unit numbers were dictated by the EZSrve because it is the controller. In this case, the KPL dictates the Unit numbers (Group numbers) because it is the controller.