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Thanks for the response and the modified SHN utility app. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble getting the modified app to work and will have to set it aside until this evening as I’m off to work..

I think that I did what you suggested, though in a different way:
1) reset the EZSrve using the “RESET” button on the administration page
2) reloaded devclusters.xml, devices.xml and areas.xml (I’d saved these previously)
3) Waited ~20 minutes for everything to reload
4) Added several new actions
5) Tried to export the actions.xml file. Viewing through the web browser gives an error. The downloaded file is below. These are the last 2 actions I entered – the second is truncated (both weren’t there before reset). Interestingly, the web interface still shows all of the actions and the timers entered prior to the last 2 macros appear to work.
Thanks for any further input.

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