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If the Actions file has been damaged in some way I would clear it with the following command

which should create an empty Actions file. Run this command through the Control tab of the SHN Utility. This command can be run through either 1.81 or the 1.81 V2 version I sent you. If using 1.81 the lower left side of status line will not show EZSrve 02.00 image level when connecting to the EZSrve, the right side of status line will show connected. Restart EZSrve after running this command to be sure it is not running with the old damaged file.

Of course the Actions will have to be redefined but I don’t think they are working if the Actions file is damaged. Having to relogin after doing a functional activity generally indicates EZSrve has restarted itself do to a problem it detected. Having a damaged Actions file could cause this. The exception to this is trying to LIST FILES under IE8 not in Compatibilty View mode which is an issue with IE8 support in native mode.

Also be sure you are running with the DevClusters.xml file that came with the 02.00 package.