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Common question. There are two issues that I have run into. When you Reset EZSrve before loading the 02.00 image, you lose any Scene definition information contained in EZSrve that were established by EZSrve. The device link records will be there, the Scene information in EZSrve will not be. If you do not reset the devices and redefine the Scenes under 02.00, you can have duplicate link records in the device after defining the Scenes under 02.00. You can clean this up manually by viewing the devices link information and deleting the duplicates. The other issue is that some of the earlier images (before 1.60) wrote place holder link records. If you do not reset the devices, the process of adding devices can be slower than expected because these place holder records will be read until an End Of File link record is encountered. The place holder records are not recorded in 02.00 and can be eliminated after adding the device(s) by doing a SYNCH DEVICE to write only the active link records from 02.00 back to the device.

If anyone encounters other issues it would be good to post here.