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The conventional way to do this is to treat each KeypadLinc button as any other responder device. Create a Scene where EZSrve is the Controller, the Unit number is your choice, start with a number greater than 1 and do not duplicate Unit numbers, with whatever KeypadLinc button you want to be a responder of the Scene. The LD1 value should be 100%, the LD2 value should be 0.1 seconds, and LD3 is the group number of the button to be the responder. In 8 button mode KPL buttons Main (A) through H use group number 1-8 respectively.

Scene KPLButtonA Unit 11 LD3 1 for button Main (A) (Group 1)
Scene KPLButtonB Unit 12 LD3 2 for button B (Group 2)
Scene KPLButtonC Unit 13 LD3 3 for button C (Group 3)
and so on for each button to be a responder.

EDIT: forgot the xml. The group is the Unit number of the Scene. cmd1 0x11 is On, 0x13 is Off