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I have an 8 button KeypadLinc, and ICON relay switch, an ApplianceLinc and LampLinc show up as Responders, along with a host of SHN devices that show up as Responders. What specific type definition did you use for the KeypadLinc that does not show as a Responder and what level of Harmony client are you using. I am showing 0.19.6 as the Harmony client when running off of the Compacta.org site.

The KeypadLinc should show up in the Controller list. It is showing in my Responder list as well so we just have to figure out what is different between your system and mine. I also show a LampLinc as a Responder which you indicate does not show as a Responder on your system.

I’m looking into the IRLinc. I should have checked that based on your other post. Neither the HTML or the Harmony client show an IRLinc device type. The Harmony client cannot show it as either because it does not know if OTHER is a controller or responder. I should have anticipated this as even the HouseLinc 2 from Smarthome has issues supporting the IRLinc from the number of posts to that effect.