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Ok, if I click the first link with ?url=ezserv.com, it loads, and I can sign into it. But if I change that to my IP address, it behaves differently.

On the former, it shows the loading status like I’ve always seen, but ALSO shows a small circle/clock next to my pointer, then it loads a few moments later. When I go to the latter, I just get the little status block in the middle of the screen with the white bar about 1/3 of the way loaded.

Added: Do I need to forward any more ports through my firewall/router to the EZServe? Currently only port 80 is forwarded, which allows me to get to it’s HTTP interface just fine.

Added more: Port 8002 like in the original post of this thread? If so, that’s likely the problem.

Someone’s gonna need to write a nice concise manual for this. My experience so far has been picking up bits and pieces from different posts here. Makes it feel like I’m a beta tester, not an end user.