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OK, so I have not been clear.

THE APPLICATION DOES NOT RUN OVER THE WEB. When you open your browser to the page where the application resides, the ENTIRE application is loaded in your web browser, in the local machine that is running the browser. From here on you can actually disconnect from the Internet because everything the application uses is inside the local machine running the browser. Then the connection is made to the EZSrve, using the url provided. All subsequent interaction is between the browser and the EZSrve. The EZSrve can be anywhere! all one needs is its url: either in the local network (with an IP such as or anywhere in the web (in which case you need to have accessible via a static IP or dynamic DNS service)

As far as being live, we are live now. There will be another version running tonight and a few different ones for the next few days as we finalize the many details and clean up the navigation. But the advantage to you all is that the data in your EZSrve is not changed, and there will be no reason to change its firmware. Once released, the only change will be the domain name used.