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Let me clarify what is the most important aspect of the new Flash interface.

When you point your browser to http://www.compacta.org, there is only one page that loads which contains the Adobe Flash file containing the ENTIRE application. As Lee pointed out, Compacta.org is just one of our servers hosting the application at this point. But it simply serves the one page containing the application (index.html).
Then the magic happens: The Flash player plug-in on a browser is just a virtual machine that acts as a complete computing platform. Once the player gets the application, it connects to your EZSrve via its IP socket (8002 by default), and proceeds to exchange messages with the Flash player via the XML API. This truly makes for a balanced division of labor. The Flash player does what it does best, rendering objects on the screen, and providing the rich user interaction. ESZrve does all the heavy duty stuff, sending commands to devices, maintaining timers, keeping track of actions, etc. The data structures that make all this possible are all human readable: Devices.xml, Actions.xml, Areas.xml, etc. The exchanges from the Flash Player (the Client) and the EZSrve (the Server) are all done at the xml level.

We will provide a version of the application for those that do not want to depend on an external server to do the initial loading. This will be the same application, built to run on the Adobe IR runtime environment. The advantages of hosting the application should be obvious, but a most notable one will be the ability to provide upgrades transparently to EZSrve users.