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Thanks for your help!

I was able to get everything to work with a SwitchLinc. Then, I tried to link a 6-button keypad to the ezsrve/bridge. First, I added the keypad as a device in the EZSrve web interface. Next, I confirmed that I was able to turn the keypad on and off from the EZSrve. So, I know the devices are able to communicate. But, when I try to create a scene with the keypad as a controller and the EZSrve as a responder, the “Scene Creation/Deletion in Progress…” screen appears and never finishes. I have to cancel it.

Is there something special you have to do to configure a keypad as a scene controller? Also, how do you specify which keypad button controls the scene? What I’m trying to do is configure things so that I get an xml message from the ezbridge when I press button “C” on the keypad.