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Do you have manual control of the new device from the EZBridge? That is, if you add the new device to an Area can you turn it On and Off from the Device View/Control screen. It sounds like you have a communication problem with that device. What type of device is it? If a plug in type device you can try plugging it into another location. If hardwired, then Access Point locations, do you have a FilterLinc at the PC/UPS location to isolate the PC/UPS, questions of this nature regarding general powerline communication come to mind. You can try the SYNCH EZSERVE function to read the device link database. However, if you are having communication problems with the device this may not work either.

Define a Scene with the device as a Controller with the EZBridge as the responder. This will allow the EZBridge to receive the Group messages when the device is manually turned On and Off. Execute the SHN Utility Suite, connect to EZBridge, then click on EZBridge/EZSrve tab and then the Control tab, manually turn device On, you will see the xml in the “data received” window that your application will receive.