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I think you will be happy with the Smarthome RF devices. I’ve had a RemoteLinc for a long time and it has worked perfectly. I have one X10 wireless keypad I use in the truck to turn on/off the Front Porch lights and a few X10 motion flood lights left that work fine as far as controlling the floods but not very well in sending and receiving the X10 address. I connected a standard outside flood light to an EZIO2X4 to get Insteon status and remote control on a detached garage. Works great. Some day Smarthome may actually ship the Insteon based exterior flood lights. I had a falling out with Smarthome over HouseLinc 2 order I made a mistake on. They refused to email me the rebate form, telling me I had to ship the order back and order the rebate version. I’ve not bought a Smarthome product since.